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This Job is the most appreciated in this 21st century and has a very high level of outcomes in terms of Payouts and terms of personal fame.

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Here are some of the recommended types of Digital marketing

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media are the most recommended form of digital marketing.

This Niche is particularly known as social media marketing and has a high level of importance in today’s startup World Everyone is in hurry and worry to grow their business and trying to reach to a very large audience in world andserve them. Social media is proved to be a very effective way in this respect.

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If you want to start your career in the field of Digital Marketing, and if you are viewing yourself as a pioneer in this field,
To do that you need to gain some more knowledge about its DOs and Don’ts.
Youtube is a very effective and Free resource that can help you in this matter and you can start earning from this from the very beginning of your journey. The results in this field are very quick and frequent.

Best Crypto Currency trading platform in 2022

Best Crypto Trading platform in 2022

Want to be a Billionaire in year 2022. Crypto Currency is the easiest method to earn a passive income and get listed list of top Billionaires of world.

Learn these methods from Top Billionaire and Crypto experts.

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What is CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most efficient ways to earn a passive income in this decade. But before coming to any conclusion we have to first know something about these topics related to cryptocurrency.

It is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.


Meaning of Crypto !!

Crypto Currency is relatively a new type of currency that operates in completely different ways in comparison to traditional currency. 


The most basic difference between Crypto and traditional currency is that it is not physically available at any part of the world, It’s Just available in form of Software in our trading Service Provider Such as 

CoinDCX, CoinDesk etc… 


We are not able to keep some physical notes or coins with ourselves and spend for our needs. 

It is also issued or created in a very different way as compared to our traditional Currency like U.S. Dollars, euros, or any other currency. They are not printed or produced by Government, but they are a new technology. They enter in circulation process through some new technologies known as blockchain or Crypto Mining, and this involves participation from all over the world. As anyone from anywhere can be allowed to create crypto mining by just applying the system requirements which are required for its installation.Page Break 


Why it is called “Decentralized”? 

This is because it is not regulated by any Reserve Banks of any Nation or by any Govt. Authority. 

They are a technology-based new kind of object which is getting more and more attention as its requirements are increasing its productions are also increasing. They are not controlled by any single network or any one person, But it requires an entire network of volunteers from all over the world to secure and validate the transaction made with cryptocurrency. 


But it isn’t just their digital nature and how they’re issued that sets cryptocurrencies apart from regular currencies; there are other differences: 

 REGULATIONS- The global financial system of the world is completely based of some standard fiat currencies of different countries from all over the world. And all of them are having standard fixed laws for their use in their own country and in between other countries. We can say that the currencies before Cryptocurrency are having that stage of maturity set of laws which are somewhere missing in the case of cryptocurrency. 

  • SPEED OF COST– trading of currencies for cross-border transactions is much faster in the case of cryptocurrency in comparison to using the legacy banking system. Where trading using some traditional banking systems can take several business days (Sometimes weeks also), trading using cryptocurrency got settled in just several minutes, often at a fraction of a second and cost. 
  • SUPPLY- Standard money has an unlimited supply. That means Govt. And central banks are free to print new currency at which during times of financial crisis. Cryptocurrencies, however, usually have a predictable supply determined by an algorithm. Many Cryptocurrencies 

Is CryptoCurrency legal?

Fiat currency drives their authorities from the government or either from another monetary resource such as some reserve banks and other possible platforms. For example, each dollar bill is backstopped by the US government and in India, the transaction is backstopped by Reserve Bank.

But cryptocurrency is still not backstopped by any authorities, the Public, or the government. We can say that in the US cryptocurrencies are most commonly in us and a be easily traded for regular goods, But in India, it is going to take time to adob[t this change that will make us more adaptable to this digital network of currency. Cryptocurrency is completely Legal and we are legally allowed to hold and trade in cryptocurrency in our portfolio for respective platforms.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies.

, this term was introduced with the intent of revolutionalizing the financial infrastructure. as with every resolution. shower, there are tradeoffs involved in its successful distribution. as with every big change, a lot of issues and opportunities arise. at this current stage of development of cryptocurrencies, there are a lot many differences between tits understanding and trading successfully as an ideal of a decentralized system with cryptocurrencies and its practical implementation.


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  • Cryptocurrencies are a new unique and decentralized financial system and are completely dependent on technology so there is a very low chance of having some Sacam or online fraud(such as cyber Fraud…). It does not require physical authorities [resent in between them for their successful traction in between or cross-border transaction just like in case on Centralized System.
  • It gives us the freedom to trade in between two [artise without the need of third parties like a bank or a credit card company like in case of Centralised currencies.
  • the rate of transaction in between two systems is comparatively faster in the case of crypto rather in com[arision to that of centralized currencies.


  • Though they claim to be a practical and faster way of transaction, cryptocurrencies are very much anonymous from transactions, They are completely digital . this is its drawback also and its best feature also. being digital there is no one who can do something in case of any online fraud or issue.
  • Cryptocurrencies have also become a popular tool for criminals, like in the case of money laundering ad the hawala of decentralized currency can’t be tracked by any government or any other authorities. Just like in the case of DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS, who ran a marketplace to sell drugs in the DARK WEB, is already well known to all of us.
  • in theory, cryptocurrencies are meant to be decentralized, but in reality, their ownership is high;t concentrated. For example,  MIT study found around 45%of BITCOIN Are concentrated to just 11.000 traders inn  whole world
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Best staking crypto

There are many cryptocurrencies that are in regulation in today’s world:

 Considering top cryptocurrencies for your portfolio trading g account.

  • Bitcoin–  This crypto was founded in 2009, and it was the first cryptocurrency in the world this is still the most valuable and powerful crypto.

  • Ethereum- This coin was developed in 2015, Its block chai network with its blockchain and trading is known as ETHER(ETH). It is now 2nd most popular crypto after BITCOIN.                                              
  • LITECOIN- This currency is more similar to bitcoin which has developed more frequently in comparison to any other cryptocurrency. It has developed new Innovations and faster payments and processes to allow its customer easier and more frequent tranctions 

  • RIPPLE- Ripple is a distributed large blockchain system that was founded very early in the past decade (i.e. in 2012). ripple can be used to track different kinds of transactions, not just cryptocurrencies. The company behind it has worked with various banks and financial institutions.


Based on the above suggestion we can be considered these cryptos to be safer to have in our portfolio.


Cryptocurrencies Prices-

Being a completely digital currency, the prince of Crypto coins like Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, and many more are very volatile. they keep on changing every second of the clock. We cannot predict what is going to be after we are investing in a crypto exchange or purchase program. as whether we are going to be profited or are going to make a loss.



This is the platform that we recommend officially and the is having more than 100 cryptos listed n its platform they have very fair rules for all activities during trading and have=ing frequent tips for its users in order to serve them with profit.

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Best Crypto Trading platform in 2022

Want to be a Billionaire in the year 2022. Crypto Currency is the easiest method to earn a passive income and get listed list of the top Billionaires of the world. Learn these methods from Top Billionaire and Crypto experts. What is CryptoCurrency? Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most efficient ways to earn a passive income in […]

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Best Crypto Trading platform in 2022


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